Professional Teeth Cleaning Sherwood Park


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Bennett Dental wants to make sure you and your family have a dental plan that will prevent the development of cavities, gum disease and other issues. 

When you book a cleaning appointment with one of our dentists, your oral health will be thoroughly checked. Professional dental cleaning not only will make your teeth look great, along with proper oral hygiene, it increases resistance towards possibilities of cavities and gum disease. Frequent visits to the dentist can reduce long-term issues, impacts to your health and future costs. When it comes to teeth cleaning, Sherwood Park has Bennett Dental - a family dentistry that can support you for years to come. 



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Teeth Cleaning Services

At a dental clinic you will be able to have access to experienced professionals who have the equipment to remove plague and tarter buildup that can naturally occur on teeth and gums. Finer handheld instruments such as a 'scaler' can be used to clean off hard to reach and stubborn tartar pieces. With each tooth given full attention, your dentist will polish your teeth using a safe prophylaxis paste. This gritty material will help give your teeth a glossy, smooth surface. 

Bennett Dental has been providing residents of Sherwood Park with dental services  for over a decade.  We would be glad to be your family dentist and provide the highest dental care.