Cosmetic Dentistry Sherwood Park


Cosmetic Dentistry is about you looking and feeling your best. From mainstream teeth whitening procedures to more dramatic dental veneers, we have a variety of ways for you to each the look you desire and give you smile that you are proud of.

Teeth Whitening Service

While it is natural to have some amount of discolouration, from a light-grey to a light-yellow tone, it may be desirable to have lighter teeth. Also, in some cases, smoke, food, and natural aging can produce heavier colouration effects.

While some customers opt for off-the-shelf teeth whiteners, it can be helpful to have these professionally applied so that you gain the best result for your teeth. 

If you require cosmetic dentistry, Sherwood Park has Bennett Dental, who can ensure that the right product is used and applied professionally to get an even, natural look. 


Get the look and smile that you've wanted


Dental Veneers

For patients that have crooked teeth or damaged enamel, it may be desirable to have dental veneers created. Dental veneers are custom made from porcelain and applied directly to the front-facing surface of a tooth using an adhesive. While seemingly delicate and thin, these veneers can last up to 20 years if properly maintained.

Our dentists will match the veneer so it matches your teeth tone and we can coordinate this with teeth whitening for your other teeth, finding you the right balance with an overall tone that can be reasonably maintained. The results will mean no one will ever suspect that your teeth have had a veneer. We offer this service at our Sherwood Park dentist office.

Composite Bonding

The purpose of cosmetic bonding is to repair chipped teeth, discolouration and cavities. Used for more than just cosmetic dental applications, the procedure will have a dentist drill out the tooth decay before applying composite fillings. These fillings can be made of a durable plastic that is hardened when it undergoes ultraviolet light. Once fitted, the dentist can then shape and polish the teeth. This cosmetic dentistry process doesn’t require any anesthetic and can be applied over the course of one or two visits.

Inlays and Outlays

For damaged teeth it may be necessary to have what is referred to as indirect fillings. There are two types of indirect fillings - inlays and outlays. Inlays cover the centre of the teeth and onlays cover the biting surface of the teeth. They can be made using a range of material from porcelain, metal and composites - each with their own unique properties and appearance. For certain situations in can be preferable to use inlays and outlays as an alternative to dental crowns.

Dental Crowns

For patients whose teeth are damaged or decaying we are likely to recommend dental crowns. Dental crowns will cover the entire damaged and decayed teeth area below the gum line. This process will restore the shape and size of the affected teeth and improve its aesthetics. 

Dental Implants

When a tooth has been lost or removed our dentists will assess if the area qualifies for a dental implant. This procedure involves the insertion of a titanium ‘root’ that is embedded into the bone area of the missing tooth. After a period of time for healing, we are able to attach a replacement tooth to the rod area. This is an involved process over multiple visits and, typically, x-rays of the area. 

Bennett Dental in Sherwood Park has a team of highly experienced professionals have comprehensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and related procedures. Let us know if you may need or are interested in these services.